Our team is tasked with the operations of the company and has an extensive background in Land Development. Their history allows ERM to bring the knowledge necessary to understand the multitude of issues that arise in easement and land acquisition projects. We have the expertise to explore and understand the concerns of the property owners and subsequently address them in a professional and comprehensive manner. We consult with our clients to help them determine the best approach to successfully complete their project goals and take into account the budgetary constraints, time constraints and potential political ramifications involved to create a successful strategy for each project.

Craig Anderson


Kevin Dugan, RWA
Partner / ROW Manager

Kristina Seay
Operations Manager

Wendy Boswell
Property Rights Negotiation

Zach Elko
Property Rights Negotiation

Kurt Riesenberg
Property Rights Negotiation

Jessica Sykes-Dorman
Title Manager

Bill Chipman
Commercial Real Estate Services

Tyler Ross
Residential Real Estate Services


Chris Giglio
Avigation Easement Negotiation