ERM & Associates has successfully completed the acquisition of airport avigation easements and property for many County Governments and Airport Authorities. We are well versed in the requirements for airports to acquire avigation easements due to varying slopes and the obstructions which make landings potentially unsafe and non-conforming to FAA requirements. We also provide relocation services working within the guidelines of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

When clients require assistance in acquiring land or aviation easements that sit within the Runway Protection Zone or are necessary for airport expansion, we have the professional expertise to manage these acquisitions. Our services include:

  • Real Estate Contract Negotiations
  • Avigation Easement Negotiations
  • Relocation Services per URA
  • Deed of Easement Review
  • Compensation Agreement Creation
  • Appraisal Process Management
  • Title Work
  • Record Retention and Recording of Documents per FAA Guidelines
  • Condemnation Support (if necessary)

Our Acquisition Specialists bring your project the personal attention needed to result in smoothly negotiated projects and are comfortable interacting with Property Owners, Attorneys, County Managers, Airport Managers, Real Estate Appraisers, FAA Representatives, Civil Engineering Project Managers, Tree Surgeons, Brokers and Local Realtors. ERM is prepared to provide a cost effective and successful outcome for all of your Airport acquisition related projects.


  • Orange County Airport
  • Stafford Regional Airport
  • Warrenton-Fauquier Airport